24hour Video Race

Aug 23rd, 2019


Download forms here:

Race Release
(This MUST be signed and turned in at the check-in table before you begin the Video Race! If the team captain is under the age of 18, it must be signed by a parent or guardian. The teams are still creators of the work and entitled to do whatever you please with your video–we’re happy if you want to show it to the rest of the world. This Race Release grants VAD, as organizers of the 24 Hour Video Race, the non-exclusive right to show your work at the theater, on TV, put it on a DVD, or show it at the Dallas Video Festival, etc. It also says that you are a willing participant in the Race and VAD won’t be liable for any damages or costs arising from your participation in the Video Race.)

The rest of these forms are for your use and do not need to be turned in to the Video Race officials. However, we do encourage you to use them for your own protection:

Release for Minors
(This is a parental consent form, addressed to the team captain.)

Talent Release
(Use this for your on-screen talent.)

Location Agreement
(Use this for your locations.)

Music License (Original)
(Use this for instances in which you use original music in your production. Remember, all music must be licensed and used with permission. For Free music as for try Free music Archives or one of these other Free Music Sources  


or use Royalty-Free Music

You can use SAG actors for your video race video, but you will need to fill out their forms and abide by their rules.
Never underestimate the value of good acting.