24hour Video Race

Aug 23rd, 2019


Do I have to have color bars?

Do not use color bars or tone.

Do I have to have credits?

They are recommended, but not required. Include “This video was produced during the Video Association of Dallas 2013 24-Hour Video Race.” Your crew and cast deserve thanks! All credits must be included in the 5-minute timeframe!

Can I submit a Tape?

NO! This year we are giving you flash drives that you MUST use to hand in your video. Please Refer to our Exporting your Video Page. Where we have detailed instructions and a video to watch.

What if I have questions during the Race?

At the Starting Line, you will receive detailed instructions, including a hotline number you can call with questions. Please do NOT call the Angelika, they are are gracious host but they are not the ones that put on the Video Race. They will not be able to help you with Video Race inquiries.

Do I have to have appearance releases?

Yes. Treat this as if it were a Hollywood production. We will give you appearance release forms you can use for anyone who appears on camera.

What about location releases?

We will also provide location release forms, and we encourage you to use them whenever possible.

Can I use any music?

Again, we encourage all teams to conduct their productions in a professional manner. Copyrighted music cannot be used without permission from the copyright holder and all licensors. We will provide access to library music. There are also several good programs that enable you to create musical scores. The best option is to make friends with a musician who will create an original score for your video.

How does my file get from the finish line to the screen?

We catalog every entry, and put it in screening order according to the random number drawn by the team at the finish line. Then, we take all the official entries and transfer them to a digital show reel in screening order for viewing. The only adjustment made in transferring to screening masters is to moderate entries to one volume for the comfort of our audience. Otherwise, official entries are transferred exactly as they were turned in at the finish line.

This means, if you turned in a blank jump drive for example, too bad (although we will let you know and give you the option of dropping out of the judging rounds so the audience doesn’t sit through 5 minutes of darkness.) Absolutely no substitutions allowed. If the screening date and time is inconvenient for you, we’re really sorry, but if we were to start making changes to the RANDOM screening order, then we get accused of favoritism, etc., so what you draw is what you get.

Oops. Made it to the finish line too late!

If you are somewhat close to finishing, we will accept late videos up until 1 am. However, late videos will not be eligible for judging. We might, if time permits, screen them out of competition, but we cannot guarantee this.

Can I put my video online?

Yes but you must wait until AFTER Video Race is over. That mean the Tuesday after the finals have been judged.

I heard it on good authority that the Video Race is rigged. Someone has proof!

We’ve heard that nasty rumor too, undoubtedly started by some team member who did NOT win. Hey, people put a lot of effort into the Video Race and they get really emotional about it. We do the very very very best we can to put on a fair competition. All we can say is: VAD staff members are not judges. We do not choose winners. We do not instruct judges as to what teams should win. Judges are volunteers and they are sworn to be unbiased and to judge teams according to the stated criteria.

We have to rely on 50+ volunteers from the local community who are honest, unbiased, have some knowledge of video production, and are kind enough to donate their time and talents. We don’t share their scorecards because, hey, otherwise some disgruntled loser would harass them, and then nobody would want to be a judge.

We can assure you that we do our very best to find the best judges possible. If you know of someone who would make a good, impartial judge, let us know. The teams are given the exact criteria that we give to the judges.

There are no secrets. We advise teams to read the criteria, which are printed and given to teams at the beginning of the Race.

If you have a better idea of how to make the race as fair as possible, we’re all ears. And if you do all these things and still think the Video Race is unfair, then simply do not participate.

I heard that Team [fill in the blank] pre-wrote their script/did their titles ahead of time/used something they already shot/etc.

Yes, we’ve also heard that some teams have cheated. We even think that some teams HAVE cheated and we think that’s really crappy. The Race must be self policed and run on the honor system. If you have proof someone has cheated, present it to us and we will act accordingly. Like a court of law, if we can’t prove it, we can’t disqualify a team or strip it of its honors.

Don’t wait till after the judging to identify a cheater. By then it’s too late and there is nothing we can do about it. We have to rely on people’s personal integrity and honesty and hope that people participate as the spirit of the race intends–which means every part of the video is done within the 24-hour period.

That being said, the other teams still have the power in the Court of Public Opinion. Subject cheaters to public humiliation. Tell them they’ll never work in this town again. Refuse their friend request.
More questions?

Email us at inf0@videofest.org.