24hour Video Race

Aug 23rd, 2019

About the 24 Hour Video Race

The 24 Hour Video Race is a fun filmmaking competition in which teams of video makers have 24 hours to write, shoot, edit and score an original short film.

The 24-Hour Video Race will begin at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas/Mockingbird Station with a theme, prop, location  line of dialogue, assignment for the film. The race concludes 24 hours later with a sprint to the finish line back at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. Teams will hand in an H.264 QuickTime file on a DropBox

All of the films that make it by the midnight deadline will be screened at the Angelika and compete for awards and bragging rights.

Who Can Race?

Accountant by day, aspiring filmmaker by night? Highly paid professional in the film industry, bored with having to repress your creativity on client jobs? Want to try out a new technique and see how it plays for an audience? Always wanted to make a film but never had the time or budget? This is the competition for you!

Anyone with a camera and nerve can enter. Media makers from elementary-school kids to professional filmmakers can compete in this event.

Student teams compete against other student teams, but adult teams are categorized by team size rather than skill level, since most teams have a mix of professionals, novices and everything in-between.

Requires only 24 hours, creativity, motivation, easy-to-come-by equipment and a small fee that enables the Video Association of Dallas, a non-profit organization, to make this event happen.

The 2018 24-Hour Video Race is limited to the first 100 teams who register. Teams are not registered until paid in full. Online registration is open until 5 pm. August 23rd You may register in person at the Angelika for in person starting at 8pm for $5 extra.

Student teams have been split into 10th grade and under (Super 8) and 11th and 12th grades (16 mm) due to the large number of students interested in the Video Race. Adult teams are no longer categorized by size, since most teams have a mix of professionals, novices and everything in-between. There is a new element to make the Race more challenging and fun: .

Teams pay a flat fee for registration, and tickets for the screenings can be purchased online or in person at the Angelika, upstairs at the 24 Hour Video Race table.

Tickets $5
Students $3
12 and under Free

Thanks to our Video Race Sponsors who make this event possible!