24hour Video Race

Aug 23rd, 2019

24 Hour Video Race Elements

2019 Required Elements

LOCATION: Coffee Shop (interior or exterior)

THEME:  Empathy

PROP:  Any writing instrument

LINE OF DIALOGUE:  A line from Shakespeare  (You will be asked which work it is from during the Q&A)

ADDITIONAL ELEMENT: Something Biodegradable  (Note: this is not on the video, but still required)of a substance or object)  Definition -capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.

Biodegradable Environmental Conservation Vector Icon Pattern. The main wording depicted in this royalty free vector illustration is in the center of the composition and is green in color. It is surrounded by environmental conservation icons that vary in size and shade of color. These nature and environment icons form a seamless pattern and fill the entire background of the image. The background has a dark green background. Each icon can also be used independently of the icon pattern. Vector icons include such elements as nature, recycling, people and trees and many more.


7:00am –1pm Sat, Call Raquel Chapa 505-227-4319, 1 pm -11:59 pm  Sat, Aug. 24th call Bart Weiss, 214-207-7696  Additional email Christian Vasquez (projectionist) civfilm@gmail.com


THE BIG RULE: EVERYTHING must be done within the 24-hour period.

The Video: The total run time, including credits, of all videos must be 5 minutes or under. To be eligible for competition, this year you are encouraged to submit via Dropbox. Send to this DropBox email address:  info@videofest.org

Format: Quicktime File compressed with H.264 at 720p 23.98 or 29.97. It can also be 480i or 480p. Any other format will be rejected. You must turn in on a flash drive (no DVDs).  They do not have to be on the thumb drive we gave you.  Someone will be at the Angelika from 11pm until Midnightbut you are encouraged to send via Dropbox.

Actors:For counting team members: don’t count actors in the team size, unless the actor is doubling as a crewmember as well. Actors doNOTget in free to screenings.

Music– Must be licensed, public domain, or royalty free