May 12-13, 2017
video race 2017 thanks to our sponsors
24hour Video Race

May 12-13, 2017

2017 Video Race Winners

The judges votes are in: we have the list of winners.

Congrats to all participants in the 2017 24 Hour Video Race.

See you next year!



2017 Video Race Elements

Theme: Finding the Truth

Prop: VHS Tape or Book

Location: Elevator (!)

Line of Dialogue: “What is your name again?”

Must also include: a Native Texas Tree »

(Note: you do not have to point out the tree or say the name in the video. Lots of options, refer to the list.)

Watch the reveal video again…

Video Race Rules

THE BIG RULE: Everything must be done within the 24-hour period.
This includes your slick production graphics.

The Video: The total run time, including credits, of all videos must be 5 minutes or under. To be eligible for competition, it must be turned in at the finish line before midnight on Saturday.  Note: There will not be Video Race staff at the Angelika to pick up drives until after 9:30 pm on Saturday.  Please do not try to leave drives with the Angelika staff; they are a gracious host, but they are not affiliated with the Race.

Format: Quicktime File compressed with H.264 at 720p 23.98 or 29.97. It can also be 480i or 480p. Any other format will not be allowed. You must turn in on a flash drive. (No DVDs!)